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Established in 2005, Vaporite has quickly become one of the largest selling brands of Vaporizers in the world. Offering a wide variety of models, Vaporite has focused their efforts on producing high-quality vaporizers at an affordable price. Models like the Vaporite Glow and Glow Pro are simple to use and represent the older style of vaporizing technology. Newer models like the Vaporite 6th Element and Hyper are perfect examples of the newest technology Vaporite has to offer and feature an advanced forced-air system that improves the efficiency and performance of the vaporization process.

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Portable Vaporizers

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IMAG PLUS vaporizers are sold at discounted “Make an Offer” prices. Portable Vaporizers are exactly that – portable. These compact and lightweight vaporizers are made for vapor enthusiasts on the go. Portable vaporizers can be used almost anywhere and are very simple to operate. Many of these units come in a large variety of colors.  Most of these units require no cords or wires. So If you’re looking to vape on the go and do so discreetly, a portable vaporizer is your best option.


Oil Vaporizers

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Oil Vaporizers allow the user to enjoy their favorite oils, waxes or concentrates. All of these units are very portable and compact, making it excellent choice for maximum stealth and discreetness. Most of these oil vaporizers utilize a lithium ion battery and a cartridge/tank system that can be replaced or changed at any time. These units are user-friendly and typically have a one button activation system that makes them very simple to operate.



Top Ranking Vaporizers

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Top-Ranking Vaporizers are quite simply the most popular Vaporizers on the market today. They represent the newest and best technology that the Vaporizer industry has to offer. These Vaporizers come from quality manufacturers and are guaranteed to provide the user with the most enjoyable vaporizing experience possible. Many of these units utilize a digital display and/or forced-air system that increase the efficiency of the vaporization process. Built with quality in mind, all these vaporizers come with a 1-5 Year Warranty and some even include a Lifetime Warranty.



Digital Vaporizers

Digital Vaporizers provide a digital display that features the vaporizing temperature or status of your Vaporizer. Some digital vaporizers display both the desired and actual operating temperature. Thus, a digital vaporizer enables the user to obtain accurate and precise control over the vaporizing temperature of your herbs. This is crucial for users who prefer to vaporize at a specifically desired temperature.  Most of these digital units are able to display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Some of them also feature a touch screen display or a remote that allows the user to conveniently control the device with ease.


Forced Air Vaporizers

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Forced-Air Vaporizers represent the new wave of Vaporizers. These high-quality Vaporizers utilize a Forced-Air system, which is quite simply an internal fan that propels hot air over your herbs. This process creates a perfect vapor stream that can be filled in a bag or enjoyed through a whip attachment. Some of the best vaporizers on the market utilize a forced-air system because it provides the user with a consistent and reliable stream of vapor. Many of these units also have different fan settings to control the speed of hot air that flows over your herbs.

Discount Vaporizers

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Discount Vaporizers are quality Vaporizers at an affordable price. These units typically utilize a ceramic heating element and many of them also include a hands free connection. Most of these vaporizers come with at least a 1 Year Warranty and include everything you need to start vaporizing right away. Over the last several years, VaporNation has developed a strong relationship with many leading brand-name manufacturers which enable us to take advantage of significant discount quantity purchases. We in turn pass these incredible savings onto our customers.


Whip Style Vaporizers

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Whip-Style Vaporizers use the convection method of vaporizing by utilizing a “whip” system. A whip is comprised of three main parts – the wand (the glass piece with a screen), the tubing (vinyl or silicone) and the mouthpiece. By utilizing this whip system, the user is able to pull hot air over their herbs which creates a steady steam of vapor. Most of these vaporizers use a hands free connection. Hands Free Vaporizers allow the user to enjoy the vaporization process without having to hold the whip attachment in place. These units typically utilize a ground glass wand to achieve the hands free connection and provide the user with a more enjoyable vaporizing experience. The ground glass wand also provides an airtight seal for the vaporization process, which increases the efficiency and desired effects. Some of these hands free units also utilize an advanced whip system that breaks apart; allowing for the easy removal and replacement of screens.
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